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Do Power Plants Really Warm Up The Planet?

All power plants create waste heat that contributes to global warming. At the moment, the contribution is fairly small, but if mankind flourishes it is bound to increase and eventually it will become a problem. The only thing we an…

Science News: February 2023, Week 4

Today we’ll talk about whether dark energy is made of black holes, four types of solar systems, exoboots, whether banning short-haul flights makes sense, 3D printing with sound, smart contact lenses, how copper makes fuel, a new method to extract…

The Untapped Potential of Geothermal Energy

There is a lot of energy right under our feet, a relic from Earth’s hot past as a ball of plasma. But how much can geothermal energy realistically do for us? What technologies are currently being pursued, what are the…

What’s Going Wrong in Particle Physics?

Why do particle physicists constantly make wrong predictions? In this video, I explain the history and status of the problem. Transcript with references and discussion on Patreon.