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The Untapped Potential of Geothermal Energy

There is a lot of energy right under our feet, a relic from Earth’s hot past as a ball of plasma. But how much can geothermal energy realistically do for us? What technologies are currently being pursued, what are the…

The Trouble With Hydrogen

Replacing fossil fuel with hydrogen seems like an ideal solution to make transportation environmentally friendly and to provide a backup for intermittent energy sources like solar and wind. But how environmentally friendly is hydrogen really? And how sustainable is it,…

How Bad is Nuclear Waste?

How much nuclear waste is there, how dangerous is it, what can we do with it? Today we look into nuclear waste disposal and nuclear waste recycling.

Is Nuclear Energy Green

Is nuclear power good or bad? In this much-asked-for episode we summarize the most up-to-date numbers on the status of nuclear power and break down it’s pros and cons. We will also look at what the new technological developments have…